Rebecca-Jayne Martin, 24, Pizza and Coffee Enthusiast, living in Bristol, UK.

TV Production and Journalism Grad.

Feminist. Lover of books, words, animals and not eating them.


When life doesn’t get in the way, I write; mostly fiction, and mostly for the love of it.

Slowly plodding my way through the 642 things to write about challenge, this blog is a platform to document this, and anything that takes my fancy in between.

Forever exploring, I love visiting cities, new and old, and often team this with my love for filmmaking; you can find some of my passion projects on vimeo.

If you can relate to, or at least entertain any of the things I’ve just said then you may find something you enjoy along the way.

If not then follow me on Twitter or something instead.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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