The Guest of Summer

When cheeks rose from brash colds, no longer flustered,

the guest of summer feasts on warmer lands.

Through skies they sore until days’ meet nights,

over cities, seas and sands.


Proud breasted,

chest as white as snow.

Glossed in blue, curved winged;

feathers rustling, to-and-fro.


As seasons alter nature, colours change.

Shredding skin to let new life flourish.

The guest of summer takes flight once more,

in search of soil and young to nourish.


Retreating to familiar scenes;

homes built in woodlands,

open waters, and fields of green.


Cheek by jowl they nest in crooks and eaves,

what once were mountains,

now are buildings, tall as trees.

Forming nests from streams of mud and clay

strong in numbers, safe from prey.


A haven made for those soon to arrive,

shells crack; reveal a will to survive.


Waters grow colder, freeze over,

and the sun begins to die;

the new must fledge, spread their wings,

and take to the sky.


Once again, the guest of summer heads south.

Forever fearless, eager mouthed.



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